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Experience of Care at Distance Group

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This group was established some time ago to consider the issues faced by people travelling for care, to visit family and friends and to ensure we are appropriately responding to their challenges and concerns. This group will feed into the maternity and paediatric discussions and bring some of the challenges under consideration to the wider maternity and paediatric group.


The Experience of Care at Distance Group was agreed by Senior Leadership Board to focus on co-produced solutions to mitigate the impact of receipt of care at distance to where people live, including both transport and non-transport issues, and enabling overarching co-ordination of transport and access associated issues.

Various work is taking place on the group to try and improve the experience of healthcare users and staff relating to the delivery of care distant to where people live and work.

If you would like to get involved with this group or learn more please e-mail: enquiries@northcumbriaccg.nhs.uk|


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