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Together for a Healthier Future

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Health and care organisations across North Cumbria have come together to work on a far reaching five year plan to transform services.

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The collective ambition is to provide local people with the best possible health services. The plan will ensure services are:

  • more responsive to patients’ needs
  • the highest possible quality, including improving safety, outcomes and patient experience
  • clinically and financially sustainable.

Services will be focussed on supporting people to stay well and to manage their own health and wellbeing, by developing more support within communities and in people’s own homes.

This will mean organisations also working together to address some of the very real challenges that they face around quality, sustainability, finances and recruitment.

To do this the organisations have established the North Cumbria Programme Board, branded Together for a Healthier Future, which is working as part of the Cumbria Health and Care Alliance.North-Cumbria-Map-with-text

The Board comprises lead clinicians and senior managers from:

The Board is chaired by Nigel Maguire, Chief Officer of NHS Cumbria CCG.

The development of the plan will include significant engagement activity with health and care professionals, patients, the public and with partner organisations across North Cumbria.

The Board will meet monthly and the intention is to issue updates following each meeting which will be shared with partner organisations and available on this webpage.


During April and May an engagement exercise took place and the feedback will be used to inform the five year plan. 

Representatives from the NHS attended existing meetings of local councils and community groups and roadshows took place in towns and villages across the area. 

Large events were held to engage the community and voluntary sector and independent research through a series of focus groups. Survey work will also take place with patients and carers to understand better their experience of travelling between home and hospital and between hospitals. 

Any queries and comments can be sent to healthierfuture@cumbriaccg.nhs.uk|

The feedback from patients, public and stakeholders from the engagement events run from April 9-mid June 2014 are availbale for download.|

Five Year Plan

Interim Cumbria Local Health Economy Strategic Plan|

Together for a Healthier Future Summary Leaflet for north Cumbria|

Easy Read Together for a Healthier Future Summary|

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