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Patient and Public Participation

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getting-involved-top  |This section highlights and links to how the CCG here in north Cumbria is engaged with patient and public participation / community engagement.

To get involved, ask questions, provide feedback, raise ideas or
for more information please e-mail:
enquiries@northcumbriaccg.nhs.uk| or call: 01768 245437. You can also follow us on social media on: Twitter| & Facebook| & we have a Youtube channel| (select links to view).

Find out more about Patient Choice here|.

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The NHS North Cumbria CCG Constitution can be viewed here.



There are many ways YOU can help get involved and shape the health services in YOUR community.

NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is keen to listen to what YOU have to say and how YOU want services to develop.

We also want to keep YOU updated on developments and also how YOUR INVOLVEMENT has made a difference to services, strategic plans and ultimately people's health and wellbeing.

Much of this work is currently channelled through our Co-production / Working Together| workstreams. YOU can find more about this below and here| See how YOUR involvement is helping to shape services in north Cumbria. The journey to OUR co-production channels can be explored further through this page and subsequent links. 


  • Provide feedback on your experience of health services
  • Receive information and take part in completing surveys and questionnaires
  • Join your GP practice Patient Participation Group (PPG)
  • Attending public meetings and commenting on consultations
  • Join forums and workshops looking at service development
  • Become a member of a local foundation trust – a hospital or community trust.
  • Follow the links to find further information on all of the options above.

More about these channels can be found on this web page, or have a link on this web page.

Use the '+' button features on the boxes to open the further information and content.


In north Cumbria we value the input and ideas of patients, our community the Third Sector and our frontline staff when we think about service development.

We want the people that use and work in our services to be the ones helping to shape them for the future.

Following the Healthcare For The Future public consultation in 2016 (more information below) we have ensured that we involve our community in not only supporting how services may change, but also in understanding the challenges the NHS faces.

Co-production utilises everyone’s ideas and energy and we have developed a toolkit based on our own experiences and developed with Healthwatch Cumbria and CLIC (Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative) to support people to be able to get involved and share some of our learning so others can avoid some of the problems we have faced and overcome.

We want our public and patients to participate in shaping how our services and system develops.










The CCG follows government policy, gathers information from patients, health professionals, partners across the health & social care system and third sector organisations to ensure that it commissions the right healthcare, in the right place, at the right time.

denise-leslie---photo-squareThe CCG's Governing Body is our main decision-making forum and is made up of 12 Members, 6 of whom are non-officer Members which means they are not permanent post holders of the CCG but have put themselves forward for these roles because they are interested members of our communities. They are there to provide effective challenge to the decision making process and, along with the other Governing Body Members, ensure the Governing Body carries out the functions conferred on it by national legislation together with any other functions which may be specified in regulations or in the CCG’s Constitution.

Our Communication and Engagement Approach (2016-2020)| demonstrates how we aim to put patients at the heart of decision making. Denise Leslie (pictured right) is the Lay Member for Patient & Public Engagement with a remit to ensure that the CCG engages with its patients and its communities. In addition Healthwatch Cumbria and the Local Medical Committee are invited to attend all Governing Body and Primary Care Committee meetings and have observer status. This enables them to provide feedback from the public and GP perspectives during debates.



CLIC Annual Report - 2017- 2018|

CLIC is the Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative - find out more about how they are developing a positive transformation in health and social care across Cumbria on their website here.|






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