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Public views sought on NHS services in Cumbria

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Public views sought on NHS services in Cumbria

Posted on Wednesday 24th April 2013
Jon Rush

NHS Cumbria CCG Public Engagement Lead Lay Member, Jon Rush

Cumbria’s new GP led NHS organisation for commissioning local health services has held its first governing body meeting and made a pledge make public involvement and the patients voice a key part of the decision making process.

NHS Cumbria CCG took over as the main commissioner of NHS service in the county from the Primary Care Trust on April 1, 2013, following the Health and Social Care Act.

Family doctors through the Clinical Commissioning Group rather than NHS managers now hold the budget for NHS services in Cumbria and are able to reinvest any savings they generate into improving patient care.

At the inaugural Governing Body meeting held at Winters Park, Penrith, 20 members of the public attended and were invited to take part in the proceedings through a question and answer section.

Following a question from a member of the public on the importance of patient and public involvement in health service commissioning would play, Public Engagement Lead Lay Member, Jon Rush confirmed NHS Cumbria CCG would be actively seeking public views and involvement.

He added: “There’s a strong commitment from all the members of the CCG to ensure that our engagement processes really capture the views and requirements of the public. 

“By working together and with the resources available to us, we will aim to produce the very best healthcare provision for the people of Cumbria.”

Clinical Chair of NHS Cumbria CCG Dr Hugh Reeve added: “We don’t want it to be a tokenistic box ticking exercise but meaningful engagement with the public.”

There are 11 members of the governing body including; the Clinical Chair of NHS Cumbria CCG, three lay members, two locally elected GP leads, a Registered Nurse, a Secondary Care Specialist Doctor, the Chief Officer of Cumbria CCG, the Chief Financial Officer of NHS Cumbria CCG and a local authority social care representative.

The public are invited to attend the monthly Governing Body meetings which will be held a various venues around the county on a monthly basis. Details of dates, times and venues along with agendas will be made available on NHS Cumbria CCG’s website www.cumbriaccg.nhs.uk . Minutes of previous meetings will also be available online.

The next Governing Body meeting will be held on May 9, from 4pm onwards at CREA, Redhills, Penrith. 

Posted on Wednesday 24th April 2013


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